The Top Of The Dugout Steps…

Why did I call this entry “The Top Of The Dugout Steps…” more on this later.

Well, I believe a short and simply introduction is in order. My name is Drake, I’m what you would call a “self-proclaimed baseball expert.” I’ve been studying the game quite heavily since about the age of 9, I’m not sure what about the game intrigued me, my first love toward sport was for hockey (Yes, to get this question out of the way, I am a proud Canadian, Tim Horton’s anybody?) but more importantly, it was the history of the game that drew me in. The same goes for baseball.

                Its hard not to get romantic about baseball, there are two different ways to look at this so called “romantic” side of the game, the two ways you can look at it, in the eyes of victory and the eyes of defeat. Think about how fans who had been waiting their whole lives to see the Boston Red Sox end the “curse of the Bambino” and finally bring home a World Series championship felt in 1986 after the Buckner game and again in 2003 in game 7 of the ALCS vs the Yankees after Boone walks off with a homer to left field, the feeling of pure sadness and anger that would have filled every Sox fans body. But only to experience the pure joy and jubilation in 2004, 18 years after the Buckner game and only 1 year the Boone home run, back in the ALCS, against the hated New York Yankees. and the perhaps the most beautiful thing to happen in that series and possibly in the history of baseball. the fact that the Sox found a way to pull themselves back to a 3-3 tie in the series after being down 3-0 and to achieve victory in game 7, I believe many people at that point finally felt that no longer would Red Sox fans have to say “Could this be the year?” and they did win the World Series in 2004 as they did again in 2007 and most recently 2013. That, my valued readers, is how you can be romantic about the game. Of course there are many examples of the romantic side baseball holds, but this side just touches everybody.

                   Now, I didn’t intend on writing that much in the previous paragraph, especially having it be about the Boston Red Sox (Yes, i’m a Jays fan. Yes, I hate the Red Sox and the rest of the AL Ea…Actually, no I lied. I’m fine with Baltimore), so I promise that will never happen again. I intend to write about all sides of the game, the good, the bad, and the ugly so please, feel free to share you’re opinions. Consider this first post a preview of whats to come, some entries may consist of pure icky writing but the odd one will as icky?

                    Anyway, i’m going to conclude this one here, but this is only the first of many pieces that will go up on this blog. So, are you still asking why I called the first entry “The Top Of The Dugout Steps…?” Simple. Everybody starts somewhere and all great at bats, start right there..